Best Ways to Save Money

Practical Money Saving Tips Lead to
Financial Freedom

The best ways to save money are sometimes also the easiest ways to save money. You may already know about several of these practical money saving tips, but some may be new.

Understanding the importance of saving money is essential to achieving financial freedom. If even just a couple of these strategies to save money can help you, it will be well worth your time to check them out.

  1. Research large purchases like cars and appliances in consumer magazines and websites. This is a good way to get the best price on a product that is reliable and has the features you need.
  2. Get rid of your health club membership. It is very important to be physically fit, but there are far more economical alternatives than making monthly club membership payments. Examples include walking, running, biking, yard work, snow shoveling, and exercise DVDs. You would even be better off in the long run to make an investment in a treadmill or home gym. If you would rather have the club membership, check with your employer or health insurance company to see if you can get a discount.
  3. Best Ways to Save Money
  4. Go garage saling to find good deals on household items, tools, clothes, toys, and books.
  5. Find out from your bank which ATMs you can use without paying an ATM fee.
  6. Don’t spend a lot of money on a haircut. Get it cut at a local school for hair stylists. Or, have someone cut it at home. Here are more great examples of saving money at home.
  7. If one of your major appliances breaks down, don't empty your savings account by replacing it with a new one. Instead, resources like this can help you repair the old one or maybe even refurbish a used one. This will save you a fortune, and still leave you with a like-new appliance.
  8. Don’t buy your blank checks from the bank. Many places offer checks at a fraction of the cost. You can find them online or in mail advertisements.
  9. Have you received a gift of money or won a cash prize? Saving extra money is easy when you put unexpected income aside right away.
  10. If you have young children, join or start a babysitting coop. You and other parents can take turns babysitting to provide safe, reliable childcare and avoid the costs of paid babysitters.
  11. Getting your car serviced regularly will help you get better gas mileage. Check here for more money saving gas tips.
  12. Cancel magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Read them in the library or catch your news online instead. One of the best ways to save money is to use your library to the fullest
  13. As much as possible, wash your clothes in cold water. Check here for more ways to save money on utilities.
  14. Just say "no" to extended warranties. They are almost never worth what you pay for them.
  15. Are you strapped for cash around the holidays? Celebrate Christmas on a budget by making your own photo cards, decorations, gifts, and ornaments.
  16. Make specialty beverages like smoothies and coffee drinks at home. Invest in a blender or espresso maker.
  17. Are you looking for cheap entertainment? Watch a movie at a 2nd run theater. Check out these ideas for more thrifty fun.
  18. One of the best ways to save money is to use free software instead of buying the expensive versions. OpenOffice.Org is a free alternative to and fully compatible with Microsoft® Office. Avast has a great free version of its antivirus software.
  19. Look at the menu online before you go out to eat to make the best and most economical choices without pressure. Check here for more ways to save on eating out.
  20. Ask for a discount from your dentist for paying your bill in cash. Many dentists offer a 5% cash discount.
  21. Get your teeth cleaned for less. Schools which have dental hygienist programs are looking for volunteers to have their teeth cleaned for free or at a reduced rate.
  22. Have dental work done at a dental school. We saved hundreds of dollars on the removal of my son’s wisdom teeth at our local dental school.
  23. Ask you doctor for sample prescriptions. They can sometimes give you a month’s supply or more for free.
  24. Use prescription savings clubs offered at stores like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens.
  25. Camping is a great way to unwind and enjoy a frugal vacation. It is one of many cheap vacation ideas. Another option is to relax on a staycation without leaving town.
  26. Make sure you understand a need vs want. One of the best ways to save money is to realize you don’t really need everything that you want.
  27. Realize that saving money on the little things can add up to big savings overall. Use this savings interest calculator to see the results of saving a little bit each day.

Most of the best ways to save money involve easy changes to your normal routine. Some will save you more than others, but over time, you will be rewarded with more money in your pocket!

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