Savings Interest Calculator

(also known as Savings Account Calculator)

This savings interest calculator is easy to use, yet offers many features that make it unique. It can motivate you to save money for financial freedom by emphasizing the power of compound interest.

While many people understand the concept of compound interest, few realize it's actual potential. It's powerful effect can be best illustrated by using a compound interest calculator like this one. It allows you to create different scenarios of saving money by experimenting with interest rates, time periods, and investment amounts. (Read about the unique ways that you can use the calculator below.)

Savings Interest Calculator

Lump Sum Initial Deposit (Optional)
Additional Deposit (Enter 0 if not used)
Annual Interest Rate (%):
Compounding Frequency
Number of years (#):
Future value:
Total deposits:
Interest earned:

Unique Features

With this savings account calculator, you can enter a lump sum initial deposit as well as a series of regular, periodic deposits. Or, you can enter just the lump sum or just the series of deposits. There are nine choices for the frequency of deposits.

The saving calculator also provides a number of options for how often your investment is compounded. In fact, you can choose from six options for compounding, from daily to annually.

Saving Extra Money by Giving Up the Latte!

Could you be saving extra money by making some minor adjustments in your daily routine? Saving even a small amount of money on a frequent basis can make a significant contribution to your financial picture in the long run, especially if you were to invest those savings. Use the saving calculator to see how much of a difference it could make.

For example, let’s say you decide to stop buying a $4 latte every day and instead invest that money. You think you could earn a 5 percent return on your investment. You want to see what would happen over the course of ten years.

On the savings interest calculator, leave the Lump Sum Initial Deposit blank. On the Additional Deposit line, choose “Daily” and enter a “4”. Fill in a “5” for the Annual Interest Rate, choose “Annual” for the Compounding Frequency, and fill in “10” for the Number of Years. Press compute. The results are pretty amazing. You will see that in ten years you would accumulate over $18,800!

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