Frugal Lifestyle

Frugal and Free to Live a Rich Life

Though the frugal lifestyle may not sound appealing, living frugally offers a richness that money can’t buy. It also makes financial freedom an easier goal to achieve.

For many, the words, frugal lifestyle, brings to mind a way of life that is cheap, full of compromises, low-quality products, coupon clipping and settling for less.

While some may not be able to pull off frugal living on their own, with a change of attitude anyone can live frugally and not feel that it is a sacrifice.

The attitude adjustment that is needed is to think what you will gain if you start living frugally. Think of the positive side or what you will gain with what you have saved.

I think of the More-With-Less Cookbook, by Doris Janzen Longacre. This cookbook came out in 1976 and featured recipes made from scratch and tips for frugal eating. Not only are non-processed foods cheaper but they are also healthier. Eating healthier has many benefits. One of the greatest benefits is weight loss. Losing weight can mean lower health insurance premiums. A person may improve their heart health and even be able to get off medications they are taking for high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, which would save money.

The book also emphasizes cooking with others, especially children. Time spent with others can't be measured numerically but it will certainly make your life richer.

Another example of the richness of simple, frugal living is when you consider your sources of entertainment. Some thrifty fun ideas are taking a walk, renting a movie, enjoying a frugal lunch with family, visiting friends and relatives, playing games and going to concerts and museums. These are all inexpensive and the time spent with people, again, can't be measured but will make your life richer.

Living Frugally for Financial Freedom

Another important benefit of living frugally is that it makes it much easier to reach the goal of financial freedom. One person’s definition of financial freedom may be different than another’s. And each one has a different way of achieving it. Some have high paying jobs. Others have a knack for making a killing in the market. But everyone has the power to improve their financial situation and move closer to their financial goals by spending less money on living expenses.

How to be Frugal

If you have no idea how to be frugal, don’t despair. After you adjust your attitude, it isn’t difficult to learn how to live frugally. Basically you need to start by living within your means by distinguishing between a need vs. want and grasping the importance of saving money.

Take some time to think about ways in which your life can be richer with a frugal lifestyle. Beat down the idea that you have to sacrifice to live this way. By being frugal and free, your life can be richer with a little tweaking of your attitude. A frugal person can be a happy person.

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