Plan a Fun, Frugal Vacation at Home!

If you are living a frugal lifestyle in pursuit of financial freedom, a staycation is the ultimate in cheap, family vacations! You can get away from work and responsibilities, relax, and do some things that you really enjoy without leaving town. Here are some creative ideas for planning a fun, frugal vacation at home.

  1. Get disconnected. You need to let your employer, friends, and family know that you are going on vacation and will be unavailable. Don’t answer your phone or respond to email unless absolutely necessary. If you slip on this, you won’t feel like you are on vacation.
  2. Break the normal routine. When you vacation away from home, you probably aren’t running errands, looking at the calendar, or getting up at the same time each morning. A staycation should be the same. Put away any reminders of tasks that need doing and just enjoy yourself.
  3. Do you like active or low-key vacations? You can be as active as you want on a vacation at home. If you want to be laid back, check out some books from the library, rent some videos, or play some board games. If you want to be active, go golfing, hiking, biking, or canoeing. Think outside the box and find other thrifty,fun things to do.
  4. Pretend you are the visitor. If you had someone coming to visit you, what would you take them to see and do in your city? Maybe there are some things for which your area is famous but you have never had the chance to see. With a little research you may find some interesting attractions that you never even knew about.
  5. Eat a little differently than normal. Is there an exotic meal you have been wanting to make but never have had the time? On a home vacation, you have plenty of time to prepare a gourmet meal and enjoy it without rushing off to an activity. It may also be fun to try a new restaurant or two.
  6. Go ahead and spend a little money. If you are not struggling to get out debt, give yourself permission to do some things that normally you wouldn’t do because of the cost. You are saving a lot in lodging and transportation costs, so it is OK to spend a little on entertainment. Don’t go overboard on this!

A staycation is a great alternative to a traditional vacation out of town. It can be just as fun while costing considerably less.

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