Thrifty Fun

Low Cost or Free Things to Do

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have thrifty fun! Here are some suggestions for low cost or free entertainment.

  1. Do you like cultural events? Local high schools and colleges offer many low priced options such as debates, concerts, recitals, variety shows, plays and musicals. You may be surprised at some of the talent you will find.
  2. High schools are also great places to watch sporting events. The games can be exciting and you may quickly become a loyal fan.
  3. Maybe you prefer to play team sports rather than to watch. Your local park and recreation program might have something for you. If the registration fees are steep, just round up some friends to play.
  4. Toss a football, baseball, or Frisbee with a friend. Play a game of tennis.
  5. Participate in your house of worship. You could join a study, sing in the choir, volunteer with youth, or be active in a number of other ways.
  6. Join a community performing group. Many communities organize bands, choirs, plays, and musicals.
  7. Play games with friends or family. Pull out a board game or deck of cards. Or, play a group game like charades.
  8. Work on puzzles. Try your hand at jigsaws, crosswords, or sudokus.
  9. Invite friends over for dinner or dessert. You don’t have to put together something fancy or expensive. Just have some thrifty fun together.
  10. Take in a movie at a 2nd run theater. The movies are a few weeks to a few months old, but the price is much lower.
  11. Go to a matinee or super bargain matinee showing of a movie. The prices are lower for these times. Always eat before you go to a movie so you won’t yield to the temptation of hot, buttered popcorn!
  12. Build a bonfire. It's a good way to relax and spend time with family and friends.
  13. Go on a walk in the neighborhood or explore trails in a park.
  14. Go to the mall and watch people. You may be surprised how fascinating it can be.
  15. Get a season pass to your local zoo, water park, or museum.
  16. Visit your local library. Besides books, magazines, DVDs and computers, they may have reduced price passes to local attractions.
  17. Volunteer. Many nonprofit agencies have a variety of opportunities.

This list is just the beginning of thrifty, fun options. Be creative and find other things that you like to do without spending much money.

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