Money Saving Gas Tips

Tips to Save Gas and Improve Gas Mileage

A car is often an expensive necessity in today’s way of life. Here are some great money saving gas tips to help improve gas mileage and keep your transportation expenses in check.

  1. One of the best fuel saving tips is to resist the temptation to idle your car excessively. Normally, you don’t have to idle a car more than a few seconds before driving it. In very cold conditions, you can warm your car up for a minute. Anything longer than that is a waste of gas. Also, if your car won’t be moving for longer than a minute, turn off the engine.
  2. Don’t drive over the speed limit. Driving at higher speeds reduces fuel economy.
  3. When not in city traffic, use cruise control to minimize speed fluctuations.
  4. Follow good driving habits. Don’t drive aggressively. Avoid accelerating and braking excessively as these have a negative affect on gas mileage.
  5. Avoid carrying extra weight in your car. Additional weight cuts down on mileage, especially in a smaller vehicle. Go through your trunk and get rid of things you don’t need.
  6. Compare prices at local gas stations before you go out to fill up. Check prices online at and find more great tips to save gas.
  7. Be sure to get your car serviced regularly. With regular maintenance, not only will you be saving gasoline money but also extending the life of your car.
  8. Combine errands. Do several errands in one trip. Plan the most efficient route before you go.
  9. Don’t drive around looking for the best parking spot. Park further away from the building and get in a little exercise by walking.
  10. Walk or bike to destinations when you can.
  11. Join a carpool or take public transportation to get to work. You will save money on both gas and parking.
  12. Work from home if possible. This option is becoming increasingly popular with several corporations. Telecommuting can save you not only in gas and parking fees, but also in wardrobe expenses and the cost of eating out for lunch.

Transportation costs can be a big part of a budget. You should be able to reduce your expenses by using one of more of these money saving gas tips.

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